5 reasons why recycling your scrap metal can save the world


It has always been easier to recycle scraps of metal left over from other products, or from a production project, than it is to completely produce a new metal from scratch. Not only does it save time, but it also helps to preserve natural resources, and is so much better for the environment.

  1. It is estimated that 84% of the iron and steel used in foundries is recycled scrap. It takes 56% less energy to recycle steel than producing it from an iron ore, and it also reduces co2 emissions by 58%.
  2. From smartphones to TV’s, new cars and buildings, scrap metal is used to produce completely new products that don’t appear to be recycled in any fashion.
  3. Copper, or any of its alloys (including brass and bronze) can be used over and over again, due to its infinite recyclable life.
  4. Steel is the engine that drives the recycling of many consumer goods. According to the Steel Recycling Institute, automobiles are recycled at the rate of 92.5%. You can find recycled steel in products such as appliances, buildings, highways and the energy industry.
  5. There is money to be made in recycling scrap metals. The price of scrap metal per pound is currently very high in the UK, and is constantly increasing.