An Old Banger Fit for Bond


It’s fair to say that most people are at a loss when it comes to their old banger. What do you do with it? Where do you take it? How do you make room for a new car? Well not Xiong Jian from Taojing in central China.

The car mechanic and inventor has taken up the challenge with gumption and successfully transformed his scrap car into what he calls a ‘boat-car’. And it is literally that; a car that can float on and drive through water!

Jian successfully made his vehicle buoyant by combining parts from a scrapped minibus with a scrap sedan and making the whole thing airtight (to put it very simply). After ensuring that the car functioned on land, Jiang took to the water, where the vehicle reached an initial 32kmh.

The amphibious vehicle is not just an excuse for Jiang to live the 007 lifestyle - it’s a brilliant response to the monsoon season, in which annual floods cause serious disruption. This genius piece of machinery can carry up to four people and Jiang is also hoping to develop the car further, to hit speeds of 40kmh. That’s as fast as Usain Bolt at his top speed!

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