Boost your finances by scrapping your car


After all the festive joys and inevitable overspending, the New Year is often the time of reckoning.  Some will make a resolution to lose weight, or take up a gym membership, but here at CJ Metals we recommend you begin by getting your finances fit.

For many people, when their car is no longer in use or perhaps is too expensive to repair, one of the best solutions to consider is getting your car scrapped.

Turning your vehicle into scrap has many benefits, one of them being you can make money – we we will always pay for scrap metal!  So it’s a great way for car owners to make some quick cash or perhaps find the down payment for their new vehicle.

It’s really quick and easy to scrap your car, especially with us. And if you’re wondering how much you can get for your car, that’s easy - we have an online calculator which will give you our best quote.

And scrapping a car can be done quickly and is hassle-free as often can come and collect vehicle for you, saving you time, and effort.

And if one of your New Year resolutions is to do what you can to save the environment, then scrapping your car with CJ Metals will help you even more; when a car is scrapped, all metal parts and other materials are recycled and can be reused, not only will you make money, you’re being green too!