Breaking Down The ELV Directive


When your vehicle comes to the end of its working life, whether it be age or an accident, as an owner you are responsible for the disposal of your once pride and joy in accordance with the 2003 ELV Directive.

What is The ELV?

At the heart of the End of Vehicle Life (ELV) Directive is prevention, referring to the reduction of hazardous waste released into the environment when your car is recycled. This means that vehicles can only be disposed of at a registered Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) such as ourselves at our Wakefield or Keighley centres. Our centres have to adhere to safety standards which ensure dangerous fluids are not released into the soil. Also, we are obligated to remove components that are marked as being hazardous throughout the vehicle, such as seatbelt tensioners, batteries and air bags. In addition, particular components need to be separated from metal either before or after the shredding process, including tyres, glass and large plastic components. By choosing the team at CJ Metals, our expert knowledge means vehicle dismantling and material separation is done with the minimum of damage to the environment and optimises recycling. We promote an ethical approach to vehicle dismantling and continuously improve our de-pollution techniques.

Benefits To You and The Environment

As it is your responsibility to dispose of your vehicle at a registered ATF, it’s important that you choose a reputable centre that pays the most competitive prices! By using our car scrap calculator, you can quickly get a to-the-minute quote on how much your vehicle is worth with prices tracking the market.

From an environmental perspective, recycling vehicles saves on the planets natural resources. Currently, over 75% of a vehicle can be recycled, providing a boost to both the local and national economy.

How Do I Scrap My Car?

We simply need your vehicle logbook and proof of address. Once we have quickly checked this paperwork, the vehicle becomes our responsibility and you have met the ELV Directive obligations. Once we have safely and optimally de-polluted and recycled your vehicle, we complete and post a Certificate of Destruction to your address as proof that the vehicle has been recycled in line with the ELV Directive.

You can choose between our Wakefield or Keighley sites in West Yorkshire when your car is ready to be scrapped. We also offer a comprehensive collection service. Give us a call on 01924 273 649 (Wakefield) or 01535 669 899 (Keighley) and get the best scrap price today! 

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