CJ Metal’s Top 5 Scrap Tips


We pride ourselves on a customer service that is unbeatable, not only in the West Yorkshire recycling industry but in the whole UK! Below are just some of our top scrapping tips to make sure you get the most from your recycling waste, helping both the environment and your wallet!

  • Household Gems: Mobile phones? Microwaves? If it’s metal it scraps so why take it to your local tip and pay in fuel for the privilege when you can make good money from them? We scrap all electrical products in line with the WEEE Directive, and as a legal obligation so should you! For the best prices choose a local scrap dealer you can trust!


  • Best Prices For Gold: High Street pawn shops have popped up in their hundreds since 2010, offering low prices for quick sales. For expert advice on your precious metals, whether it be gold, silver or platinum, choose a reputable specialist with heritage.


  • Attention to Detail: By separating different scrap metals into their respective grades, you will get a better price. Whether it be PVC Coated Cable from stripped bright wire or brass fixtures from plumbing copper, separate to maximise what you get when weighing in.


  • Motors: Within a general household appliance (for example a hoover) there is a motor, used to transfer electrical energy into the appliances function, i.e. hovering up your mess! Within this motor is a copper “ball”, which when extracted receives a premium price through being bright wire copper. Stuck for time? Don’t worry, we also offer top prices for motors in their current form.



For more top scrap tips check out this YouTube tutorial on how to get the best prices for your scrap through optimal recycling! 

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