CJ Metals’ Tips and Tricks to Making Money off Your Scrap


When you’ve finished with your old gaming console or that toaster you got for Christmas back in 2006 that now just incinerates anything that gets near it, don’t just throw it in the bin; put that old metal to good use!

We’ve all done it; something is broken, we don’t want it around the house anymore because it’s just old clutter, so it gets chucked away. However, that stuff you’re throwing away, it could be valuable aluminium, steel, iron, brass or copper. Whether recycled or reused, if these old bits of metal from around the house are brought to the correct place, you can earn a bit of cash and the planet can be helped as well.

The first thing you need to know is where you can locate all of this scrap metal. Plenty of items around the house that you might leave to collect dust in the attic are worth a lot of money. A great example of this is Christmas lights - now that the festive season is out of the way, you might want to throw away the set of lights that have just broken. Christmas lights contain ample copper wire. The more copper wire you can get your hands on, the more money that can be put in your pocket.

And if you’ve got a friend, family member or loved one with a cluttered house, let them know about all the benefits of recycling scrap metal. Not only will you help the environment, but they will definitely appreciate the extra cash and a tidier home.

Here at CJ Metals, we take great pride in being professional, helpful and the best choice for your scrap needs. Check out our website for testimonials, contact details and anything else you need. Then bring your scrap metal to us!