While we do accept all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for scrap, at CJ Metals we primarily recycle vehicles. If you’re curious about what kinds of vehicles we accept and how our business processes work, make sure to keep reading and find out if our vehicle scrapping service is right for you.

We are glad to accept vans and commercial vehicles for scrap, whether they’ve reached the end of their lifetime or you’ve decided to ethically recycle your vehicle before you purchase a new one. If you are a motorcycle owner who is looking to recycle your vehicle in an environmentally friendly way, CJ Metals is more than happy to do business with you, just ensure that you are able to deliver the motorcycle to either our Wakefield or Keighley sites as we are unable to collect them. You might have a personalised license plate that you would like to retain, in which case you need to fill in the V314 form from the DVLA and return it to them; just make sure that this is taken care of before your car is collected by us.

When it comes for your vehicle to be collected, although you can deliver it to us yourself if you prefer, please ensure that we can access it because we use a standard recovery vehicle in our work; if your vehicle is inaccessible when we arrive, we may have to charge for the inconvenience. You must also make sure that your vehicle is free of any waste (garden or domestic, for example) as you could be charged for waste removal.

Finally, make sure that you have the correct documentation on you before you begin the process of having your vehicle scrapped. You must show us both a photo ID driving license and proof of address, the collecting driver must retain a photocopy of these for our records. It is required by law that you provide us with these documents.

Now you know how we like to operate here at CJ Metals, make sure to get in touch with either our Keighley (01535 669 899) and Wakefield (01924 273 649) to start the process or recycling your vehicle.

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