Eat, drink, be merry and recycle!


Christmas may be the most wonderful time of year, but it’s also the most wasteful, with thousands of tons worth of unwanted food, wrapping, packaging and unwanted presents going to landfill every year.

In fact, the statistics are quite startling. According to the Guardian, the UK produces enough discarded festive wrapping paper each year to go round the equator nine times! Not to mention that over the Christmas period, an average UK family is expected to produce in excess of 6.5 kg of food waste a week.

This impacts local waste management services, who have to work flat out to cope with the extra workload while we enjoy our mince pies and mulled wine. More worryingly, this disposable attitude puts real pressure on landfills, which are full to the brim come the new year.

So what can we do to be a little less wasteful this year? The answer is simple, recycle, recycle, recycle!

When you cover your roasts with tin foil, don’t simply sling it in the bin when you’re done. Set it aside for recycling, along with your glass and plastic bottles. If each UK household recycled their tin foil, it would prevent 4,500 tonnes from going to landfill every year.    

If you upgrade your favourite piece of tech this Christmas such as a mobile phone, don’t simply chuck your old model in the wheely bin. It’s currently estimated that only 10-15% of people bother to recycle their old phones. Take it to our Keighley or Wakefield recycling plants for us to dispose of professionally.  

We can then break it down into recyclable components such as aluminium and reduce future demand for production of these materials, saving on valuable resources. It can then be reused to create more items.

This goes for any electrical item that comes to the end of its life, whether it’s broken Christmas lights, an overloaded cake mixer or a burntout microwave from reheating too many leftovers!

Finally, rather than throw away any unwanted presents, why not reuse them by donating them to a charity such as your local hospice? After all, Christmas is a time for thinking of others!

From everyone at CJ Metals, we hope you have a merry Christmas and a fantastic new year.