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End Of Life Vehicles Disposal

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As a vehicle owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your vehicle is disposed of in accordance with the 2003 ELV directive if it has reached the end of its working life. End of Life Vehicles (ELV's) can only be recycled at a registered Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) such as CJ Metals. Our trained staff will process your vehicle according to the official ELV directive guidelines so as to produce minimum waste whilst minimising any harm to the environment. This process is called de-pollution. When de-polluting an ELV, we remove the wheels and batteries and we safely contain all the operational fluids, most of which are then re-used or recycled.

In order to dispose of your ELV on your behalf, all we is need is your logbook and proof of your address. Once we have checked that your paperwork is in order, the car becomes our responsibility. Once we have completed the de-pollution process, we will post a Certificate of Destruction to your home address as your proof that the vehicle has been recycled according to the ELV directive, should you require it. 

For more information, call us on Wakefield 01924 273 649 or Keighley 01535 669 899.

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