To make things easy for you, here are answers to some of the more frequent questions we get asked. If the answer to your question isn't listed below, please feel free to give us a call on 07522 961926 or 07521 711989.

Q. Are CJ Metals a reputable company?
A. We are long-established with a family history and a track record of working to the highest environmental and legal standards. We are regulated by the Environment Agency and are an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) working to the latest legislative regulations. This means that we do not offer cash payments for scrap vehicles and proof of ID is collected from every customer and checked before any transaction takes place.
Q. How much does a quote from CJ Metals cost?
A. Nothing at all. Our instant online quote system is free of charge, without any obligation to proceed.
Q. How much will I get for my scrap vehicle?
A. At CJ Metals, we regularly update our pricing in-line with the current market rate, so if you accept a quote from us, the price we offer you for your vehicle is guaranteed for 7 days.
Q. Do I have to accept your valuation?
A. Not at all. You are under no obligation to accept the valuation we offer you either on-line or over the phone.
Q. How long do I have to consider your valuation?
A. Your on-line quote is valid for 7 days before it lapses, so you can come back at a later date to accept our offer.
Q. If I accept your quotation, what happens next?
A. If you click to accept our quote, you will receive an e-mail confirming the full details. We will then contact you to confirm your details and your preferred payment method and we will arrange a suitable date and time for us to come and collect your car.
Q. I have a hearing disability – can we do business by email?
A. Yes. As you complete your details online, please notify us that you have a hearing impairment and that you cannot be contacted by phone. We will then use email to communicate with you and to arrange your vehicle’s collection.
Q. Can I change my mind?
A. Yes, but it would be very helpful if you could tell us as soon as possible if you decide that you no longer want your vehicle to be collected. If you do not tell us that you have changed your mind before the truck sets off to collect your vehicle, you will be charged for a wasted journey.
Q. What do you charge for vehicle collection?
A. Nothing. Your CJ Metals quotation includes free collection from the postcode you gave us, so long as it is within our local collection area.
Q. Does my car need to be accessible for it to be collected?
A. Yes. We will send a standard recovery vehicle to collect your vehicle and it will require full access in order to make the collection. The ground must be solid so as to allow access by the recovery vehicle. The solid ground must be close enough to the car to allow the car to be moved using a winch if required. If your vehicle is found to be in an inaccessible location when the CJ Metals recovery vehicle arrives, the collection may have to be rescheduled or cancelled and you will be charged.
Q. Can I deliver my car to you rather than have it collected?
A. Absolutely. Once you have received and accpeted your instant online quote, you will be able to inform us when we call to make the arrangements whether you wish your vehicle to be collected, or that you prefer to bring it to us.
Q. If I accept your quote, how long will it take to arrange collection of my car?
A. Based on our typical working hours, if you accept a quote after 2pm Monday to Friday, you may not receive a call from us until the next working day, however we will make it our priority to call you as quickly as we can.
Q. How long will it be before my car is collected?
A. Your car will be collected within 3 business days of us contacting you to arrange delivery. Before the car is collected, you need to remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle, as we cannot be held responsible for lost items once we take ownership. If you have a valid road tax disc in the vehicle and you wish to reclaim the unused road tax from the DVLA, remove the disc before releasing your car to the CJ Metals driver. Your car cannot be left on the public highway without a tax disc.
Q. What else do I need to do before I give you my car?
A. You must show us your photo ID driving licence and proof of address. The collecting driver must retain a photocopy of these documents for our records, so please ensure that you can provide the driver with a copy when he arrives to make the collection. This is a legal requirement which is regulated and policed by the local authorities. It allows unlicensed, illegal operators and metal thieves to be more easily identified and brought to justice and we are fully compliant with the legislation.
Q. Could I arrange collection of my vehicle on a weekend?
A. Yes, by prior arrangement, we will collect on a Saturday, but not on a Sunday. When you receive your confirmation phone call from us, you can ask this question when we are arranging the collection of your vehicle.
Q. When you collect my car, do you issue me with a receipt?
A. Absolutely, you will always get a receipt from us as part of our standard terms of business. The receipt we issue will contain your name, the collection address, the vehicle registration number, the vehicle make and model, the agreed value for the car and your chosen method of payment. It will also contain our name, address and contact details as the collecting company.
Q. How will I be paid for my car and when will I receive it?
A. In accordance with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, it is now illegal for anyone to buy or sell a scrap car for cash. This legislation was put in place to eliminate rogue trading within the scrap metal industry and to cut down incidents of scrap metal theft across the UK. Consequently, once you have accepted our online quote, you will be presented with a choice of payment options from which you can select your preference; non-transferrable cheque on collection, or a same-day electronic payment
Q. I can’t find the registration document for my car – will you still take it?
A. Yes, but we would prefer you to provide us with the document as it helps us identify you as the legal owner. If you do not have the V5C you must inform us so that we can discuss the options with you. At this point you will be asked to provide identification to be sure that you are the legal owner. If you do have your V5C, make sure that you hand it to the collecting driver, retaining the yellow section. If you do not have a V5C, you can obtain a new document by visiting www.dvla.gov.uk
Q. Do I need to provide any identification to you when I scrap my car?
A. New legislation introduced by the government in 2013 states that you must provide us with a photo ID showing your name, date of birth and current address when you scrap your car. You will need to show the original to our driver and also provide them with a copy for our records. A photo-card driving licence is our preferred form of identification, because it shows your name, photo, date of birth and current address. However, other forms of ID are accepted.
Q. Do you need the keys for my car if I have them?
A. Yes, as it is much easier for us to remove a car if it comes with the keys. However, we can remove the vehicle without keys, so long as the access to the vehicle is acceptable and you provide us with the correct documentation.
Q. Do I need to have a valid insurance policy and MOT for my vehicle?
A. No. But you should remember that it is illegal to leave or drive your car on the public highway without valid insurance and MOT, so please ensure that it is stored on private land, off the public highway prior to collection. If you do not have a valid MOT or motor insurance, you cannot choose to drive the car to us, unless you bring it on a vehicle transporter.
Q. My car has damage, will this affect my quote?
A. No, generally, the vehicle condition should not affect your scrap value quote but if there is major damage to the bodywork, please let us know when we call you to arrange collection, as we may need to use special equipment to load the vehicle safely onto the collection vehicle.
Q. My vehicle has flat tyres – will you still collect it?
A. Yes, so long as you have informed us prior to the collection vehicle being sent out to you. In certain circumstances the value of the quote we give could be reduced if we are not able to use a standard recovery vehicle or it takes longer than anticipated to collect the vehicle due the flat tyres.
Q. My vehicle is missing some parts – is this important?
A. Yes. If major parts are missing this may reduce the scrap value. If parts are missing you must detail them when we call to confirm your quote. We’ll then provide you with a revised valuation based on the new information. If you fail to inform us of missing parts prior to collection the driver may refuse collection and you will be charged for a wasted journey. We class major parts as; engine, gearbox; starter motor; alternator; battery; catalytic converter; front/rear lights; wheels; body panels.
Q. Does my car have to be free from waste?
A. Yes in so much that it should not be filled with waste materials such as refuse, garden waste, rubble etc. if your car does contain waste which is not associated with the core functioning of the vehicle then you will be charged for any additional waste disposal. Acceptable waste is classed as waste materials inherent in the build and functioning of the vehicle, such as fuel, oil, anti-freeze etc.
Q. Can I scrap a van or commercial vehicle?
A. Yes, we accept any vehicle including motorcycles, however a motorcycle must be delivered to us as we do not collect them.
Q. I have a personalised registration number – how do I retain it?
A. You can retain your personalised number plate by filling in and returning a V314 form from the DVLA which you can download from www.dvla.gov.uk You will need to make sure you have done this before your car is collected.
Q. I have some unused road tax left on my vehicle – how can I reclaim it?
A. Firstly you must ensure that you have removed the tax disc from the vehicle before we collect it. Once we have removed your vehicle, we cannot be held responsible for locating your tax disc. You can reclaim any unused complete months from the DVLA as long as you are the registered keeper of the vehicle. To do this you need to complete the DVLA form V14 & return the form along with your tax disc to the DVLA. Visit www.dvla.gov.uk to download the V14 form.
Q. Can I scrap a motorcycle?
A. Yes, we accept motorcycles for scrap, however we will not collect them, so please arrange to bring your motorbike to us.
Q. What happens to my car after collection?
A. If the car you have supplied to us can be cost-effectively repaired to a road-worthy standard, we may choose to give it a new life. The decision whether to re-use or scrap the car will be determined once the car has been fully inspected by us. In the main, most cars that we handle will be scrapped and be disposed of. We adhere to the EU End of Life Vehicles Directive; all polluting materials are removed and safely disposed of with 85% of the remainder of the vehicle being be re-used.
Q. What happens if CJ Metals choose not to scrap my vehicle?
A. Whilst the vast majority of vehicles handled by CJ Metals are scrapped, we may occasionally decide that the car can be repaired for future use rather than be scrapped. This decision is designed to minimise the environmental impact of the vehicle, by extending its lifespan. When you supply your vehicle to us, we recommend that you notify the DVLA that you have sold your vehicle. We will then confirm to you within 7 days whether we have scrapped your vehicle & issued a Certificate of Destruction.
Q. What do I need to do when I sell or scrap my car?
A. Send the yellow section of your V5C document to the DVLA. This will tell them that you have sold/transferred your vehicle to us. Our company details can be found on your receipt. Legally, it is your responsibility to inform DVLA that you are no longer the owner or keeper of the vehicle. If we choose to scrap the vehicle, a Certificate of Destruction will be subsequently issued. Conversely if the vehicle is to be reused, you’ll get an e-mail from us within 7 days informing you of this.
Q. Are CJ Metals officially recognised?
A. Yes. We have all the necessary approvals from the Environment Agency, DVLA etc. which allows us to legally deal in the correct disposal of used cars. We ensure that we stay up-to-date with current legislation and that all our systems and controls adhere to the guidelines laid down for the industry.
Q. What are End of Life Vehicle Regulations?
A. End of Life Vehicle Regulations were introduced in 2003, making it a criminal offence to scrap a vehicle without an Authorised Treatment Facility permit issued by the Environment Agency. The permit requires businesses such as CJ Metals to invest heavily in order to protect the surrounding environment from the harmful substances found in scrap vehicles. All scrap cars now have to have hazardous and toxic materials including oils, batteries, tyres etc. removed and disposed of responsibly.
Q. How can I check that your Company has the correct licenses to collect and treat scrap vehicles?
A. The Environment Agency has a list of all companies which are Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF's) and can scrap cars, and companies that are licensed to collect scrap cars. This information is publicly available and can be found by clicking this link http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/default.aspx which takes you to the Environment Agency website. Alternatively call the Environment Agency on 08708 506 506. If you would like to see copies of any of our licenses, please give us a call.
Q. Other than vehicles, what other types of waste or scrap do you handle?
A. Whilst we primarily handle scrap vehicles, we can also accept certain other scrap metals at our Wakefield and Keighley recycling centres, including any types of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals
Q. Do you sell used cars to the public?
A. No. Most of the vehicles we handle are either scrapped or recycled into spare parts.
Q. Do you sell spare parts from broken vehicles?
A. Yes. Our Keighley breakers yard stocks various spare parts for re-sale to the general public. If you are looking for a particular part for a particular vehicle, please call us on 01535 609 071 or email liamdeacon@hotmail.co.uk and we will do our best to help.