Get your Garden Ready for Summer


With the weather getting warmer and the evenings getting longer, many of us are thinking about getting our neglected gardens ready for the summer and that will probably include cutting back overgrown hedges and bushes, chopping down trees, cutting long grass and getting rid of last year’s dead plants.

All that clearing, cutting and chopping will inevitably result in a lot of waste and that’s the time to call in the experts like us to take it away to be recycled, but as well as protecting the environment by disposing of our garden waste responsibly, we also need to think about the wildlife in our gardens and make sure they don’t come to any harm from our gardening activities.

Hedgehogs are one of the species most likely to be at risk as they curl up into a ball when they sense danger and can be hard to spot in the long grass. Overgrown hedges are ideal nesting sites for birds, so it is worth checking to see if there are any nests before cutting them back.

So before you embark on your garden clearance project, we’ve done a little bit of research and found a few hints and tips to help make sure it goes smoothly!

  • Check areas you are about to strip before you start to make sure nothing is hiding in the undergrowth.
  • Avoid cutting hedges when birds are nesting and check for birds or their nests before clearing scrub.
  • Think about whether you really need to cut back brambles or trees, or if it can wait to a safer time when fledglings have flown the nest.
  • Keeping drains or swimming pools covered and remove sports and garden netting and storing it in a safe place when it isn’t being used.
  • Carefully check compost, leaf and log piles before moving or dismantling them – they could be home to a whole host of wildlife.
  • Frogs, toads and newts like overgrown ponds and spring time tidying could disturb their eggs or newly hatched tadpoles.
  • And finally, consider keeping some areas of the garden wild and untidy as many animals rely on leaf or log piles, compost heaps and even weeds for nesting and food.

At CJ Metals our team has collected garden waste from all around the Yorkshire region, including trees, shrubs, brushes, leaves, grass cuttings and logs. All the garden waste we collect is taken for recycling adhering to our environmental policies which we are very proud to comply with.

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