Having a Clear Out?


If you’re planning a big clear-out in the near future, then we at CJ Metals will be more than happy to help you de-clutter your home. Clear-outs can be a great way to clean your house, make some space and do some recycling. All in all, a clear-out is a clear win for everyone!

However, one problem with a clear-out can be the drama associated with storing and discarding all of the waste. There are two options: suffer along with the long, drawn-out and repetitive process of speaking to the local waste authority, or you could speak to CJ Metals and hire a small skip.

The small skip is the de facto choice for waste projects where the volume of waste isn’t too high. These skips can hold 25-35 ‘black bags’; which is enough for most household waste.

If you’re not too certain yet, just remember that the majority of people don’t go through with their clear-outs or home improvement at all once they begin to factor in waste management. Our helpful little skips take that stress out of the equation. You’ll never bail on a project again when you have a CJ metal skip! These skips are affordable, can fit in a wide range of locations and even go in your driveway, which makes collection easy.

For any skip hire needs, please take a look at our page right here. We pride ourselves on always doing our very best to help you.