Is it time to scrap your diesel car?


With the election on everyone’s minds this month, we are all weighing up what is best for us, our lives and our country. Among important issues like health and education is the future of our environment. Did you know that diesel cars are one of the biggest contributing factors to our growing environmental crisis? They may have been the cheaper and more environmentally friendly option a few years ago, but now we are being urged to favour petrol cars, fitted with filters that minimise pollution.

City centres around the world, including London, are seeing a ban of diesel cars due to the high nitrogen dioxide emissions. This ban may well spread to other cities around the country. With the price of diesel now a lot higher than it used to and the additional daily £10 toxicity charge imposed in London city centre, the benefits of having a diesel car are dwindling. Older, ‘dirty’ cars are set to be banned from London by October. Authorities in Paris, Madrid and Athens have announced that they will take all diesel cars off their roads by 2025, and we may well follow suit.

If you’re clinging on to an old diesel you may want to consider investing in a new, petrol vehicle. Petrol cars are increasingly environmentally friendly, with sophisticated filters and they release significantly less nitrogen dioxide.

So, why not consider scrapping your old banger with us? Here at CJ Metals, we are committed to environmental welfare; we are an authorised de-pollution treatment facility and work in accordance with the End of Live Vehicle Directive. Which means that minimum pollution will be released when scrapping your car.

Don’t get caught out by the diesel regulations, and make way for new, cleaner cars.