Here at CJ Metals we are proud of our certification as a registered Authorised Treatment Facility. This means that we can process End of Life Vehicles (ELVs) and produce the minimum amount of waste while doing as little harm to the environment as possible. So whether your vehicle has come to the end of its working life by age or by accident, you can trust us to dispose of your car in accordance with the ELV Directive.

Our Authorised Treatment Facilities adhere to high safety standards; we ensure that no dangerous fluids are released into the soil and that components such as batteries and airbags are safely removed.

The years of expert knowledge and practise that we have enable us to do our job to an especially high standard, and we take pride in the care that goes into each and every job we do. All you need to scrap your car with us is your vehicle logbook and a proof of address. After that, we will organise a collection of your vehicle if possible, and take it through the scrapping process. Once the process is complete a Certificate of Destruction will be posted to you, as proof that your car has been depolluted and recycled in line with the ELV Directive.

Any more questions? Make sure to give us a call at our Wakefield (01934 273 649) or Keighley (01545 669 899) sites to help your car give back to the community.