New Legislation Sees Thefts Of Scrap Metal Fall By A Third


According to new figures, legislation which was introduced in October 2013 to try and prevent stolen materials being used as scrap has seen metal thefts fall by as much as a third, falling from 600,000 a year to 40,680 in 2013/14.

Dealers buying stolen materials as scrap had been costing the government as much as 770 million pounds a year, before the introduction of legislation to crack down on these illegal activities.

            Scrap Metal Theft Now Costs The Goverment £220 Million Now!

The thefts covered a wide range of materials including metal from railway lines, war memorials, children’s playground equipment, church roofs, electricity cables and road signs.

The legislation, Scrap Metal Dealers Act, requires all dealers to register to be able to hold a license allowing them to trade in scrap metals. This gives councils more power to be able to tackle and control the illegal activity more effectively and efficiently.

It also means that scrap dealers are only able to buy and sell via cheque or electronic transfer, and they are legally required to record the identity of those they are buying from. This makes it easier for councils to trace the thieves. Don't forget to bring your ID when you trade metal at CJ Metals.

It is positive to see that metal thefts have fallen across all parts of the country, the biggest fall being seen in the South East region (46%), followed by London (44%) and the North West (40%). 

Scrap Metal Theft Legislation