One man’s rubbish… The weirdest things ever found in skips!


At CJ Metals we pride ourselves on our exceptional track record of ensuring we go above and beyond environmental legislation when disposing of waste and recycling.

Since we launched our new skip hire service, we have discovered that not everyone takes their responsibilities quite as seriously! Here’s a look at our favourite weird and wonderful things that have been discovered in skips around the UK!

1. A caravan 

Yep that’s right.  A whole caravan, perched perfectly on top of a skip waiting for collection! While it’s not the most responsible way of disposing of your unwanted caravan, it has to be the most funny and had the whole CJ Metals team laughing! Check out the full story here

2. Coffins

In 2013 an unwitting Scottish couple discovered a pair of coffins (don’t worry, they were empty!) in a skip.  

3. A grenade

Back in 2012 a bomb disposal expert was called to a waste disposal site in Warwickshire after a live grenade was discovered at the bottom of a skip. It was successfully disposed of and thankfully no one was hurt.

4. An oringial Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens last month, this one is quite topical! Two of the original iconic Stormtrooper helmets used back in 1977 for the first ever Star Wars film, A New Hope, were found in a skip outside Elstree Studios in London. It’s thought they were dumped after members of the film crew returned from shooting in Tunisia.

The studio employee who found them, kept hold of them for 28 years and eventually sold them at auction in 2005 for nearly £40,000! 

5. A guinea pig

A poor little ginger guinea pig named Andy was found in a landfill skip in Oxfordshire in 2011. Thankfully someone spotted him and although a little cold and soggy, Andy was unharmed and a local woman, Janet Witcomb, offered to rehome him. While it makes us sad that someone would treat an animal like this, we’re glad it had a happy ending.