Reputation 1st At CJ Metal


In an industry where unscrupulous traders have flourished in the past, it’s never been so important to maintain ethical business practices. Subsequently we ensure the legal side of our business is fully vetted to continue building our positive reputation. Just as importantly, as a family ran business we also set ourselves extensive core standards that ensure our practices excel beyond any legal requirement.

We Aim To Be Responsible

We take an interest in the source of all scrap that comes into our ownership. This means that there remains a level of traceability as to where the scrap has come from and whether it forms an ethical transaction. It also means we know the “story” behind the scrap and can determine whether it has come into contact with hazardous materials in the past and adjust the recycling method to reflect this.  We won’t pay cash for scrap, in line with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, but this doesn’t mean your payment is delayed. We can have your money in your account the same day through instant transfer. By removing cash payment it means greater transparency between dealers and customers, something we have aimed for since day 1.

We Aim To Be Ethical

Whether it’s disposing of a scrap car in line with the ELV Directive or recycling your company’s PCs adhering to the WEEE Regulations, what we do and how we do it is transparent. This means we are 100% confident in our skill set and its delivery of an array of services that not only meet regulation but surpass it.

We Aim To Be Competitive

At the heart of the scrap industry is what brought you here – the payment offered for your scrap! We know to stay ahead we have to pay top prices, it makes sense to reward our customers with a price that reflects the UK metal economy not just tracking competitors. That is why whenever you submit a quote or use our scrap car calculator, the price offered is to the minute. You won’t be disappointed!

We Aim To Be Reliable & Helpful

It’s no good offering the best prices but not keep to regular opening times! Our consistency plays a major part in why we are still successfully trading all these years later, in fact our guarantee that we will meet your service expectations keep customers returning weekly. We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with both commercial and independent customers and our helpful service reflects our intentions to continue this approach long into the future.

CJ Metal Ethics