Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013: The End of Cash For Scrap?


Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013: The End of Cash For Scrap?

Since 2013, in line with UK law, the team at CJ Metals are no longer providing cash payment for scrap metal and cars. This helps to support our ethical view on only dealing with scrap metal from reputable sources. This protects our industry which in turn protects you, by increasing the transparency of all scrap sources and ensuring a “paper trail”, or transparency, that keeps our industry in the news for the right reasons.

The Importance of Choosing A Reputable Dealer

In addition to ensuring the scrap trade continues to ethically source all metals in a fair and transparent manner, choosing a reputable scrap dealer also guarantees your car and scrap metal is recycled in an optimum way that limits waste materials and fluids that can contaminate the surrounding environment. Since the turn of 2015, the UK Governments target for scrap car material recycling is at an all-time high of 95%, meaning all but 5% of materials used to build a car must be recycled by law. We possess the expertise and experience to hit these targets every time.

Getting Paid

There are two ways in which you can receive payment from CJ Metals when you scrap your car or bring in other ferrous or non-ferrous metals.

  1. Cheque on Collection: Drop off your scrap and we will give you the most competitive prices in West Yorkshire with a non-transferable cheque.
  2. Same-Day Electronic Payment: Provide your bank details and we can organise a “Same-Day” Electronic Payment that will be in your bank account in hours. 

Get A Quote Today!

If you want the best prices for your scrap metal in West Yorkshire and beyond visit our scrap car quote calculator or general scrap quote form to get a to-the-minute quote for your car, household scrap or commercial scrap waste.

We Also Offer Skips!

If  you are renovating your home, business or just having a clear out, we also provide skip hire services. We can drop-off and collect once you have filled the skip with scrap metal, also providing the larger roll on roll off skip service for heavy duty manufacturing metal waste.

Whatever your requirements give your local scrap merchant a call on 01924 273 649 or 01535 669 899. We can do the rest! 

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