Scrap your old car. The environment will love you!


Scrap your old car. The environment will love you!

There are a lot of factors to consider when scrapping your old car… Is it still in working condition? How old is it? How much does it weigh? The list goes on. At least one thing is for certain, when you scrap your car with CJ Metals, we make this process a lot easier for you, and we benefit the environment at the same time!

Here are just a few ways you are helping the environment when you scrap your car with us.


Reduced Air Pollution

If you’re scrapping your car to explore other travel options such as cycling, walking, public transport etc. then we salute you! Did you know that for every car taken off the road, an average of 4.7 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide is no longer released into the air?  

If a car is a necessity for your everyday routine, then finding one that is fuel efficient and produces low emissions have never been easier! The UK government hosts a database of fuel emission information about new and used cars, to explore this option, just click here.


Reusing Scrapped Parts

CJ Metals (in most cases) can professionally remove parts of your scrapped car that can be reused or refurbished. Purchasing used car parts from our breakers yard is more cost effective than buying them new. Lower demand for new parts reduces the need for raw materials to produce these parts, and therefore is more beneficial to the environment.



Most of what can’t be reused from a scrapped car is recycled. Did you know that in 2016, 95% of the materials in scrapped cars were diverted from landfill through reuse and recycling? Recycled materials help calm the rate of new natural resources from being extracted. The economic benefit of this is shifted into other sectors such as decreased pollution.


Contribution of Sustainable Production

Manufacturers use materials recycled from scrap when they build new cars, especially metal. The benefits of this are that it reduces the cost of production, which is passed onto the consumer, and slows the pace of extracting raw materials.


Now that you have an insight into just some of the benefits of scrapping your car with CJ Metals, feel free to get in touch to learn how our trained staff will process your vehicle according to the official ELV directive guidelines to produce minimum waste and harm to the environment. Give us a call on Wakefield: 01924 273 649 or Keighley: 01535 669 899.