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At CJ Metals we have a wide range of skips for most types of scrap
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CJ Metals have a number of skips of various sizes which can either be rented for you to fill with scrap metal, or can be left with you free of charge for you to fill with scrap metal as part of our drop-off service.

These skips come in various sizes designed to handle small, medium and large loads of scrap metal. 

Dimensions available include:

  • 2 yards
  • 4 yards
  • 8 yards
  • 10 yards
  • 14 yards
  • 12 yards
  • 16 yards
  • 20 yards

Please call us on Wakefield 01924 273 649 to discuss your skip requirements and we will advise as to the best solution and type of skip for your needs. We will then arrange to deliver the skip at a time which is convenient for you.


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Skip Service Yorkshire
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For more information about this service or to get a quote, please contact us using the form below, or give us a call on 01535 669984.

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