Supercar Made From Scrap Metal Out of A Breakers Yard


Most people when their car is coming to the end of the road will trade it in for scrap, but this guy is not most people. A 48 year old amateur mechanic & Top Gear fanatic does the exact opposite building a brand new car out of the unwanted metal pieces of previous cars, appliances, and anything he can get his hands on.

Now ordinarily speaking it would be a great achievement for someone to build a car out of scrap metal, but what about if we told you he made a £5million supercar? Well Jacek Mazur from Poland has done exactly that making a McLaren F1 replica which can hit speeds of up to 200mph. He built the car using parts from several scrapped cars and he did so for a cost of approximately £20,000, not bad for a part time mechanic! If you’re after a supercar and are working under the budget of a few million pounds then you may well want to be getting Jacek’s number.

            Supercar frame made from scrapmetal

The McLaren F1 has been built using a powerful Audi engine, the breaks from a Mercedes and a streamlined outer shell which he spent hours online researching in order to replicate to an extremely high standard. Just to add a quirky touch Jacek also added a small seat in the back which he states is for Top Gear co-host Richard Hammond, his favourite TV show which he said “I named it the Hamonda in his honour. It is the same size as for a child but I’m sure Richard could be a fit”.

             Supercar body made from scrap metal

The McLaren F1 isn’t the only car that Jacek has created, he’s somewhat of an addict to replicating fast cars with his collection also inclusive of a Lamborghini Countach, a Pontiac Fiero, a black Lamborghini Countach and a red Lamborghini Countach, and it’s pretty safe to say he likes his Countach’s! 

              Finished supercar made entirely from scrap metal

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