Take a WEEE Look into the World of Recycling Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment


WEEE stands for Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment. It applies to all end-of-life electrics, (essentially, anything with a plug or a battery).

WEEE recycling has become an increasingly vital part of the waste recycling industry, and it’s something that we at CJ Metals are very passionate about. By helping businesses re-use and recycle as many of their electronic materials as possible, together we are minimising the negative effects of their disposal. 

Since 2003, the WEEE directive has been an EU initiative, meaning that it is the law that companies who manufacture and distribute such equipment, are responsible for its disposal. Before the WEEE directive was introduced in the UK, electronic and electrical waste were mixed up in household waste.

So, what’s the big deal with recycling your waste electrical equipment? They can have a harmful effect on the environment, as well as human and animal health. The WEEE directive aims to reduce these potential impacts, including landfill. By encouraging recycling, waste is minimised and encourages more environmentally friendly produce of electronic and electric products.

How does WEEE recycling work exactly? Businesses have a duty of care, relating to how the WEEE is stored, moved and disposed of. The exact treatment of the goods vary, depending on the category and technology required to handle them. As a result, CJ’s can physically dispose of the WEEE products for you.

These products can include:

  • IT & Communications Equipment i.e. PCs, copiers, telephones and laptops
  • Large Household Appliances i.e. cookers, washing machines and dishwashers
  • Small Household Appliances i.e. microwaves, irons and clocks
  • Toys & Leisure Equipment i.e. electric toy cars and games consoles
  • Sports / Gym Equipment i.e. running machines and cross trainers
  • Non-Infected Medical Equipment i.e. dialysis machines and medical freezers
  • Power tools i.e. power drills, saws, lawn mowers and sewing machines

CJ’s provide a collection service for all WEEE products, and offer a highly competitive price. For more information, visit the WEEE page on our website, or call us on: Wakefield 01924 273 649 or Keighley 01535 669 899.