Think about your recycling needs before you start your next project


If you’re planning a project and anticipate you may have a lot of rubbish, it’s important you think about what and how you are likely to dispose of it before you begin. If you want a successful project then it’s vital you plan ahead and in detail, as a seamless project is a well organised one. Part of that organisation involves knowing what rubbish you might generate and how to get rid of it. Scrap metal needs carefully disposing of, so if you’re likely to have a lot, it’s essential that you hire a skip so that it can be recycled properly.

At CJ Metals we have skips ranging in size from 2 yards to 20 yards, so whether you’re undertaking a home build or working on a much larger project, we are happy to help. One thing to think carefully about is the size of skip you choose, nine times out of ten, people end up miscalculating and run out of space. This means you’ll need to hire a second skip - which is likely to be more expensive - or you’ll have to make several journeys to the scrap yard. As well as that, an over-filled skip is a serious safety issue, so make sure you give the size some careful consideration.

Our skips are suited to most types of scrap metal and are available to hire from both our Wakefield and Keighley yards, so if you have any further questions about safely and efficiently recycling your scrap metal you can contact us on these numbers: 01924 273 649 (Wakefield) or 01535 669 899 (Keighley). We will be more than happy to arrange and deliver the skip at a time which is convenient to you.