Thinking of Scrapping your Vehicle?


Scrapping your vehicle can be quite daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. There’s a lot to consider – where do you start? Who do you contact? How much can you get?  Your path is not as clear as it could be when you look at all the rules and regulations.

When you choose to scrap your vehicle, whether through an insurance write off or when it simply makes financial sense, selecting an expert with years of experience is vital.  You will need help to negotiate EU law, directives and DVLA guidelines and of course to ensure you get paid a fair amount for your vehicle.

And not only is it important that it is done correctly for your benefit, but it also lessens the environmental impact when professionals scrap your vehicle. At CJ Metal Recycling Limited, we re-cycle in accordance with Environment Agency guidelines to ensure the eco-system remains protected. 

Transporting Your Vehicle for Recycling

If your car has a valid MOT, is still taxed and deemed road legal, you can drive it to our recycling facility without any problems. However, we do value your safety, so if your vehicle is no longer road legal there is no need to worry, we have a collection service that can retrieve it for you (with exception to retrieving motorcycles).

Finding an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)

All those facilities that actively work in accordance with UK/EU regulation are deemed an “Authorised Treatment Facility” (our place on this accredited list can be found here).  Bear in mind that if you don’t use an authorised facility, it can lead to issues when registering the car scrapped with the DVLA. Once the vehicle arrives at our facility, it will be processed in accordance with the 2003 End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) directive, minimising non-recyclable waste through skilled de-pollution, safely containing all operational fluids. You need to make sure you bring a proof of address and log book in order to be able to scrap, so don’t forget them!

Certificate of Destruction (CoD)

Once your vehicle has been handed over for scrap and is no longer in its original form, you will be given the Certificate of Destruction (CoD). On scrapping your vehicle, within seven days the CoD will be issued, but only if your vehicle is one of the following:

  • car
  • three-wheeled motor vehicle (but not a motor tricycle)
  • light van

We will scrap all forms of vehicles on your request; however, in line with regulations, a CoD will not be issued if said vehicle is not one of those listed above.

Notifying the DVLA

We will notify the DVLA to inform them that your car/van/motorcycle has been scrapped and is no longer active on the road. You will need to fill out the “Notification of Sale or Transfer” section (numbered 9) of your V5C registration certificate, often found with the log book, and send this to the DVLA. If you need a hand with this, a member of our staff can help you. The DVLA will notify the exchange of ownership within a four week period.

What if I have a Personalised Registration Number?

You need to fill out a V317 form before your vehicle is scrapped in order to keep or transfer a personalised number plate registration. You will lose entitlement to that plate if you forget to do so.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

To find out how much you will get paid for your vehicle get in touch here and receive an up-to-the-minute quote.