Visit the breakers yard for the perfect fix


Have you got a car that’s stuck in the drive, which needs fixing but the cost will be more than its worth? Then, unfortunately, it may be time to get rid.

It’s so tempting to think that spending money in an attempt to make it work is savvier than buying a new vehicle, but you have to consider the value of the vehicle and its potential running costs too. Not only that, you will also receive money in return for taking your car to a breakers yard! You can get very competitive prices for scrapping your car. The process is very simple and will provide some funds to invest in a new motor.

Even if you’re not ready to give up on the car yet, you can still save a substantial amount with a trip to the breakers yard. Here at CJ Metals, we keep a fully replenished and extensively stocked choice of vehicle parts that could be significantly cheaper than buying it brand new.

Not only can you feel good about saving or making money with us, you can also be happy in the knowledge that you’re doing the best thing for the environment. Irresponsible scrapping can result in pollution from harmful fumes. When we receive a car in for scrap, we ensure that the vehicle is correctly dismantled in line with the ELV Directive, while aiming to recycle at least 85% of the vehicle.

So whether you want to make or break your car, a trip to the yard is a good idea. With CJ Metals, you’ll know that you’re in safe hands.