Recycling electronic and office equipment
WEEE is a European directive

Adhering to the WEEE Directive

The WEEE directive aims to encourage companies to reuse and recycle as many of their electronic materials as possible in order to minimise the negative effects of their disposal by landfill.

65% of IT equipment must be recycled, and materials such as computer monitors, LCD displays, circuit boards and flame retardant plastics should be pre-treated before disposal according to the WEEE Directive.

There are a large array of electronic appliances that must be recycled in line with the WEEE Directive, including:

  • IT & Communications Equipment i.e. PCs, copiers, telephones and laptops
  • Large Household Appliances i.e. cookers, washing machines and dishwashers
  • Small Household Appliances i.e. microwaves, irons and clocks
  • Toys & Leisure Equipment i.e. electric toy cars and games consoles
  • Sports / Gym Equipment i.e. running machines and cross trainers
  • Non-Infected Medical Equipment i.e. dialysis machines and medical freezers
  • Powertools i.e. power drills, saws, lawn mowers and sewing machines

We provide a collection service for all of your company's WEEE at a highly competitive price. For more information call us on Wakefield 01924 273 649 or Keighley 01535 669 899. 

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