What are the benefits of recycling metal?


Recycling is a buzz word today, there’s an endless amount of news stories, TV programs and features all reporting the damage waste is doing to the planet. It’s so important that we think about our waste and how we can re-use it which is something that we at CJ metals have been doing for years.

However, recycling materials and metals in particular can be tricky. We can recycle lots of different types of metal, but understanding what each product is and how it can be reused is something many people know nothing about. We deal with many different metals every day and part of our job is to be able to identify them and their variations so that we can recycle the material properly.

Scrap metal that’s been processed efficiently and correctly can go on to be used in a variety of different ways to the benefit of many industries, for example, did you know…

  • Recycling metals helps the environment by reducing emissions and as with other types of recycling it reduces the use of landfill sites which in turn, helps our water supply, soil and land usage
  • When you recycle aluminium it can be melted at a much lower temperature than new aluminium which saves energy. Also recycling just one aluminium can saves enough energy to run a television for 3 hours!
  • When manufacturing recycled metals, remarkably it uses an estimated 17 times less energy than if manufacturing items from newly mined metal, a win win situation!

There’s many more arguments for recycling but we hope these might encourage you to think twice before you throw away an old soft drinks can or take that old bike to the skip. If you’re not sure about the metals you might have or want to know a bit more about how to distinguish one metal from another then you can check out our handy guide here: https://bit.ly/2MFlTkP or if you’re still not sure just give us a call and we can advise you.