When driving runs in the family


Yet again daredevils are pushing the limits of what cars can do as the world land speed record has been broken by Danny Thompson, who reached 448.757 mph in a 50-year-old car that had been used by his father in a previous attempt to break the record in 1968.

Mickey Thompson, Danny’s father, had his attempt that the record swept away by heavy rains that ruined the track’s smooth surface. But Danny encountered no problems as he sped across the Bonneville Salt Flats in north-western Utah, driving the historic car at incredibly high speeds. Challenger 2, the car that had been purpose built for Mickey Thompson’s run, had been maintained by Danny and his team for decades as he prepared to break the record. In the time that had passed since his father’s attempt Danny’s team had made some alterations to the car itself; upgrading the motor and interior to match modern racing standards.

Most vehicles that attempt the land speed record use turbojet or fanjet engines, but the Challenger 2 used an internal combustion engine, perhaps proving that sometimes the old ways of doing things are better.

Here at CJ Metals we understand how important a family legacy can be, especially when it comes to cars and repurposing older vehicles and parts; our story with scrap and recycling started in 1960s Bradford with David Sandham, and since then three generations of family have worked within the scrap metal industry. We couldn’t be prouder of our business and our family, and we feel a real kinship with Danny for carrying out his father’s dream.


If you’d like to know more about the Thompson family’s history with the land speed record, make sure to read the Interesting Engineer article here: https://interestingengineering.com/50-year-old-streamliner-set-the-new-world-land-speed-record-of-7221-km-h