Why a Breakers Yard is better for your Bank


We all know that cars are expensive, whether it’s paying the insurance, petrol or diesel, MOT’s, servicing or new parts. How many times has your beloved banger let you down over the years?

However, our Keighley Breakers Yard offers a less expensive solution! Used car parts can save you tons of money, and a visit to our yard can give you many affordable replacements that work just as well as the new ones, directly from a manufacturer.

Another great thing about our Breakers Yard is that we have a huge variety of spare parts. If your car is rare or an old model, come and visit us as we may have exactly what you’re looking for. We share a deep admiration for cars, especially the odd, unusual or collectible ones.

What’s more, you’re giving back to the environment! Did you know that scrap yards take in literally millions of cars a year to recycle and resell? When we receive a car for scrap, we take the responsibility of ensuring the vehicle is correctly dismantled in line with the ELV directive, whilst aiming to recycle at least 85% of the vehicle.

At CJ Metals, we give you a personalised experience. We listen to the issues that you’re experiencing and give the best expert advice. Located in Keighley, we specialise in recycling used vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Our ever changing range of used car parts include:

  • Complete engines
  • Engine parts
  • Diesel pumps
  • Front and rear lights
  • Alloy wheels
  • Interior and exterior panels
  • Panels and doors
  • General parts

If you’re looking for a part for a specific model, one of our expert team would be happy to check the stock and see if we can help, call us today on 01535 609 071.