Why scrapping your car is the way forward!


Finding a way to dispose of your unwanted or inoperable vehicle is an important concern for many owners.  Whether your car is no longer in use or if it’s too expensive to repair, one of the best solutions to consider is getting your car scrapped.

Turning your vehicle into scrap has many benefits, one of them being that due to the current economic climate we find ourselves in, we will always pay for scrap metal. This is a great way for car owners to make some quick cash.

It’s really quick and easy to scrap your car, especially with CJ Metals! If you are wondering how much you can get for your car, we have an online calculator which will give you our best quote.

Scrapping a car can be done quickly, making it hassle free and also its very beneficial for the environment. At CJ Metals, we can also collect vehicles which saves you a job!

It might be hard to bid farewell to your trusty companion but when a car is scrapped, all metal parts and other materials are recycled and can be reused, for example building materials for bridges.  So scrapping your car can count towards your good deed of the day!

As well as being economically friendly and earning you some quick money, scrapping cars can save you space on your drive and stop you having to look for somewhere else to store it. 

Car Crushing