Why should we Recycle?


How Recycling Scrap Metal Can Benefit You

For many of us recycling plastic, glass and cardboard is commonplace with local councils routinely organising collections for most of us around the UK, however recycling scrap metal is something that many of us don’t even consider and it can be advantageous.

At CJ Metals Keighley site we regularly help customers with a whole range of metal recycling options. As a long-established family run business, we have built our reputation around professionalism, reliability and trustworthiness and offer competitive, current pricing.

Why recycle?

What you might consider to be trash could actually be worth something so it’s worth thinking about how you dispose of metal items in your home. When you get a scrap metal or scrap vehicle quote from CJ Metals, you have our assurance that the quote we provide will be in line with current scrap metal values, and will therefore be as competitive as we can make it.

Aside from benefitting you financially, the scrap metal industry has huge benefits generally and is worth over £5 billion to the UK industry each year - it provides a vital recycling service of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals into re-usable raw materials.

Here’s a few facts about scrap metal recycling that may get you thinking…!

Cut down on waste;

One of the key purposes of recycling is to help preserve resources. By recycling scrap metal not only are we reducing the consumption of precious natural resources but we also use fewer resources within our homes. Some of the environmental benefits include;

•Scrap metal recycling reduces C02 emissions by 200 million tonnes on average each year.

•Packaging recycling hits over 2 billion aluminium and steel cans each year.

•Cars are comprised of 75% metal and as such are prime for scrap - around half of the material processed by metal recycling shredders comes from vehicles.

There are also other environmental benefits, for example, using recycled steel to make new steel enables reductions such as:

•86% in air pollution

•40% in water use

•76% in water pollution

*Statistics from the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA)

Economic benefits of metal recycling

The economic benefits of scrap metal recycling are significant. Metals recycling is a major worldwide industry and the manufacturing of metals continues to be one of the largest UK manufacturing sectors, employing more people, and contributing more value to the UK economy than motor and aerospace combined.

Likewise export markets continue to grow and there is a steady demand for metals which means to say they are rarely disregarded or dumped in landfill – what you might consider to be trash is worth something to someone somewhere!

How to recycle your metal…

At our site in Keighley it’s possible to recycle all sorts of metal in various quantities from heavy machinery to manufacturing waste right through to old cars or household items such as greenhouse frames.

At CJ Metals we accept (and can collect):

•Cars and vans

•Aluminium and Steel cans

•Steel structures

•Old tools

•PC monitors and towers


•Mouse and keyboards

•Hard drives


•White goods (i.e. washing machines)

•All forms of electrical cables

This list is just a small sample of what we can scrap and if you’re in doubt drop us an email at cjmetals@btconnect.com and we can help you.

Alternatively make sure you check out our FAQ section which has lots of helpful information.

Why Recycle